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  Hello folks. Hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather and getting out and enjoying time with family, friends and your motorized trail toys.  The summer golf outing is just around the corner and we will be playing our 18 hole scramble rain or shine at Cenetennial Farms in Bellair on Fathers Day weekend, to raise money for the charities we support year around. Check out or website for further details to sponsor a hole for your business or loved one, and grab a team sign up sheet and put your winning team together and join us.  Any questions, please contact us via FB or our website.

Well the big reveal has happened and we are excited to finally launch this new chapter of fund raising for the club.  We completed our first festival of the season since acquiring our brand new Polaris XC 650 we are raffling off! It was great to see the reaction of the home town crowd as we participated in the vendor area and Bass Festival parade last Saturday.  We have our work cut out for us as we try to sell a bunch of tickets to pay for the prize package and hopefully pocket some extra funds for the clubs new building.  Tickets are 3 for $50 or $20 each!
Not only do you win a brand new Polaris Snowmobiles XC 650 from Extreme Power Sports, you win a custom wrap from Priceless Design$ and traction products from STUD BOY Traction !! The complete package to get you on the trails, hooked up and looking great!
Raffle will be drawn February 11th @ 11am during the Extreme 250 M.I.R.A. Racing race in Gaylord, MI (need not be present to win!)  thank you to all who stopped to visit our booth during Bass Festival, and we look forward to meeting more of you as we are out and about this summer.  Tickets will be available this weekend at our monthly meeting at the club house, club events, as well as the BOD and various members at-large.  Any questions, please drop us a line on FB or our website. 


Remember to watch out for one another, lend a hand where needed, and always enjoy the ride!




Spring is here!  Well, at least that’s what the calendar is telling us.  Mother nature has a different idea every morning, but nonetheless we press onward as the days get longer.

Your club has been busy at our monthly meetings, working on everything from our calendar of events for the coming year, to a sled raffle we hope to get started with next month.  The club’s financial position is solid, and we are looking to increase membership and our presence locally, as well as events happening in the ORV & snowmobile communities.  As our calendar of events grows, we will need participation by club members to increase as well, to keep the energy level high and the workload distributed.  There has never been a better time to reach out and inquire on how you can get involved with the club. 

Our next club meeting is Saturday, May 14 and its not going to be a typical meeting day at the clubhouse.  We are going to conduct business as usual with regards to the monthly meeting, but in addition we are going to do some spring cleaning of the building and grounds, as well as maintenance on the grooming equipment before it begins its long off-season break. In the afternoon we will be having a late lunch for the groomer drivers on behalf of the Jordan Valley Trails Council and their families, to thank them for their efforts this past season on the trails.  Although the season and the conditions were not the best, they volunteered their time in the seat, working with what mother nature provided, to make the trails as enjoyable as possible for visitor and member alike.  The tentative schedule for the day is as follows:

·        9am Spring cleaning begins with some coffee & doughnuts.  Some jobs on our to-do list include:

o   Clean & inventory cold storage both in building and shed

o   Grounds cleaning (raking, burning old firewood, etc)

o   Troubleshoot electrical issues with outdoor lighting for sign

o   Paint and update outdoor information board

o   Clubhouse cleaning (windows, floors, etc)

o   Maintenance on Piston Bully

o   Trickle charger mounted on small John Deere tractor

o   Install Geotech material and spread gravel for storage of tractor implements

o   Stage implements on new gravel pad

·        12pm monthly club meeting

·        2pm lunch for all in attendance as well as groomer drivers & families.  Club will provide hot dogs, sloppy joes, chips, brownies & assorted beverages.

After we recover from this May get together, we will be getting ready for the next big fling- the annual golf outing!  Its back after a 2-year break, and it will be at the Centennial Golf Course in Bellaire on Father’s Day weekend (June 18).  The golf committee has been meeting for several weeks planning the event and all systems are a go.  See this newsletter for additional details on how to sign up, and if you would like to sponsor a hole or donate a door prize, please contact us so we can make that happen.  It will be my first time in attendance, and I am looking forward to seeing the comradery and generosity of our sponsors & members on display at this event.

Several other events planned for this calendar year include

·        8th annual ORV ride & campout August 26 & 27 (ACSC clubhouse)

·        Veterans ORV ride October 1 (ACSC clubhouse)

·        Trail maintenance day October 8 w/ members of Sled Chix joining the work crew (ACSC clubhouse)

·        Christmas party December 10 (Eagles club in Gaylord)

We will be adding additional community events as we go, so check in on the website and Facebook for the latest information on what the club has going.

Progress is being made on drawings and a scale model of the proposed new multi-purpose building we would like to construct on club property.  Since my family joined the club in 2019, I have been trying to get my hands around the fundraising effort and what the vision was for the building.  From what I can gather, a larger portion of members support the idea of a new building; however, the purpose that it would serve is where opinions vary.  Based upon that, it appears the broadest solution is to incorporate an additional building attached to the current clubhouse that would serve multiple purposes, the first being for the growth & preservation of the club.  This new building would provide us the capacity to have larger amounts of people inside for club functions & sponsored events, to promote growth in both membership diversity, and our presence in the community.  Additionally, it would provide an opportunity to team up with the Jordan Valley Trails Council to house the grooming equipment year around.  As with most topics these days, folks are either on board, against the idea all together, or undecided/neutral.  As we continue to discuss building options and continue to raise money for a building, I encourage all members to stay involved or become involved by attending club meetings to share ideas.  Ultimately, we will decide on a path forward for the club, and a vote to approve or dismiss a new building will be taken. I would hope no matter the outcome, that all of us can agree that the club serves a positive purpose for its members and the community. United we stand; divided we fall.    

And finally, some updates on the snowmobile raffle.  In researching what is needed to conduct a raffle to raise money for the club, it amazed me that in all the years of its existence, the club had not previously conducted a raffle, according to the MI Gaming Commission (GC) and members I talked with.  Nonetheless, paperwork has been submitted to the state, and we are awaiting their decision.  If approved by the GC, we will be working with Extreme Motorsports in Gaylord to secure a 2022 Polaris XC 650cc snowmobile to raffle off.  Also included in the prize will be a custom sled wrap provided by Priceless Designs of Gaylord.  Our intent of pursuing the raffle is to introduce a rapid influx of funds for the club, and added membership, both of which are needed to grow our club.  If successful, we would like to take on additional raffles annually with the same purpose in mind-growth of members & growth of funds.  Once the license is secured, various club members will be taking the snowmobile to community events to sell tickets & more importantly, promote our club.  Stay tuned as we wait for the results.

Remember to watch out for one another, lend a hand where needed, and always enjoy the ride!


The weather roller coaster ride continues in northern Michigan.  As a result we have had to cancel many of our planned winter events  due to poor trail conditions.  With the end of February right around the corner, we can only continue to watch and pray we can salvage some of the season in march.  For now, we have cancelled the weekly club rides, and bean pot.  In addition we have rescheduled the pancake breakfast to coincide with our monthly members meeting on Saturday March 12, 2022.  Stop on by early and hang around for the meeting which starts at 9am.  The board is working on additional club events for the remainder of the 2022 calendar year, so stay tuned for those postings and as always watch out for one another.


Its time to ride!  Mother Nature is finally getting us the snow we need.  The cold temps have been around for awhile now, and with the much awaited arrival of some system snow and occasional lake effect, the trails are starting to come around.  With February almost upon us, the groomers are out trying to maintain the thin base that we have, so check the trails reports on the Interweb, as well as our groomer trackers that indicate when & which trails were groomed in our system.

Several club events coming up as well.  Everything from Pancake breakfasts to club rides, Wertz Warriors to vintage sled rides.  The clubhouse will be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC every Saturday 10am - 4pm, so riders can stop in to warm up, use facilities, and grab a snack before getting back out on the trail.

Remember, ride right, ride sober, and ride with pride!  See you at the clubhouse or on the trails.....


Greetings from your club president!  The annual elections are in the books and your 2022 board members are as follows:  President, John Niemiec.  Vice President, Linda Rosacrans.  Treasurer, Wendy Arnold.  Secretary, Jackie Boucher.  Thank you board members for offering your time and talents to keep the club going another year.

We have had a couple of teaser snowfalls in November, and with the trails officially opening in 7 days, the JVTC equipment is ready for another season of grooming your trails.  The groomer boss is vigilante and when we get the green light, our volunteer drivers will be ready to begin panning & maintaining the trails.

The clubhouse will be open every Saturday in January & February between 9am-5pm, provided we have volunteers to staff the clubhouse.  With that said, please consider giving a Saturday back to the club to be at the clubhouse to chat with riders that stop in to warm up, use the facilities, and grab a snack.  

Our members Christmas party is still on for December 11 at the ACSC clubhouse.  Main dish will be provided by the club, and water and pop as well.  We ask that attending members bring a dish to pass and BYOB for this event.  We will be selling 50/50 and gift basket tickets throughout the afternoon/evening.  WE ARE LOOKING FOR DONATED GIFT BASKETS FOR THE EVENT.  Please drop off the baskets at Barb Mills home (4970 Pineview Dr) between Dec 6th & 10th. 

As the holiday season gets underway this week, please keep those in mind who may be less fortunate in our community. The greatest nation in the world is not without needs, and we ask that if you know of a veteran or family in that situation, take the time to reach out and simply listen, & see what you can do to make a difference in their situation.

Have a safe & happy Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing you on the trails this winter.


Hello members!  Thank you to all who came out and supported the club at the Halloween party last weekend. Fun was had by all who attended.  Thank you to JZ, MKS & KB for leading the efforts and giving so many volunteer hours on behalf of the club to  share who we are with the community through this event.

Our current membership renewal is going well, as many folks are renewing through the website and we appreciate your continued support of the club through your membership funds. 

As November rolls in, we will be conducting our annual board elections at the next club meeting (November 13, 9am).  Current vacancies are for the positions of treasurer and President.  If you have an interest in supporting the club by volunteering your time & talents on the board, and would like to be nominated for a position, let us know ahead of the meeting by dropping us a line at our club email: ([email protected]) and one of our current board members will reach out and answer any questions you may have.  

The Novi snow show is next weekend, and its a great opportunity to check out snowmobile vendors & manufacturers all under one roof.

As you start to do your preseason checks on equipment and clothing, don't forget to have your paperwork in order by verifying your registration is current & you slap on the 2022 trail permit, which has gone up to $52 for the season.

As always, continue to check our Facebook page and/or our website for updates on current/future events as the trails open in 30 days!  Think cold & snow!!  


What a difference a week makes!  Mother nature finally delivered some much needed snow and cold temps, so we are back in business with regular grooming AND the clubhouse opened this weekend!  Thank you to our volunteer groomer drivers and members who give of their time to meet & greet at the clubhouse for those stopping in for a warm up.  If any members would like to help us work a few hours on a Saturday during February & March, please contact us via email to get on the schedule.  [email protected].  The combined club ride with Kalkaska is looking good for February 17, starting at the ACSC clubhouse in Alba.  Ride in, or trailer and go; either way we hope to see everyone there for a nice ride through the Jordan Valley.  Check Facebook and our website for updates on that event and our weekly club rides. And finally a BIG thank you to everyone who has financially supported our club during the pandemic.  Your generous donations are helping us stay afloat.  Don't forget to shop & buy local when you can, and check out our sponsors page for opportunities to support those who help support the club. 


Most of our clubhouse events are on hold for 2021 due to COVID.  We will still have weekly rides from the clubhouse beginning in January, as long as mother nature cooperates for the chosen dates.  Please refer to our calendar of events (term used loosely for 2021), to see what we have going, especially for events that are there to help the community.  Monthly club meetings are being conducted with officers meeting at the clubhouse, and members joining via Zoom (check our club Facebook page for the link to join us).

Life is good for us all, and sharing our blessings with others takes on a new meaning during the current pandemic.  Please consider a donation, via our club website, to help our local food pantry, as they continue to provide for those who are less fortunate.  100% of donations received before January 1, 2021 will be given to the food pantry on behalf of the ACSC members.

In an effort to continue raising funds for the groomer barn, in these socially challenged times, we are partnering with RADA knives to raise funds for the groomer barn.  The link is on our Facebook page and can be copied and pasted into your web browser from below:

Thank you for your generosity, and we look forward to seeing you on a club ride or via Zoom on a club meeting.  Think snow!!


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