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What a difference a week makes!  Mother nature finally delivered some much needed snow and cold temps, so we are back in business with regular grooming AND the clubhouse opened this weekend!  Thank you to our volunteer groomer drivers and members who give of their time to meet & greet at the clubhouse for those stopping in for a warm up.  If any members would like to help us work a few hours on a Saturday during February & March, please contact us via email to get on the schedule.  The combined club ride with Kalkaska is looking good for February 17, starting at the ACSC clubhouse in Alba.  Ride in, or trailer and go; either way we hope to see everyone there for a nice ride through the Jordan Valley.  Check Facebook and our website for updates on that event and our weekly club rides. And finally a BIG thank you to everyone who has financially supported our club during the pandemic.  Your generous donations are helping us stay afloat.  Don't forget to shop & buy local when you can, and check out our sponsors page for opportunities to support those who help support the club. 



Most of our clubhouse events are on hold for 2021 due to COVID.  We will still have weekly rides from the clubhouse beginning in January, as long as mother nature cooperates for the chosen dates.  Please refer to our calendar of events (term used loosely for 2021), to see what we have going, especially for events that are there to help the community.  Monthly club meetings are being conducted with officers meeting at the clubhouse, and members joining via Zoom (check our club Facebook page for the link to join us).

Life is good for us all, and sharing our blessings with others takes on a new meaning during the current pandemic.  Please consider a donation, via our club website, to help our local food pantry, as they continue to provide for those who are less fortunate.  100% of donations received before January 1, 2021 will be given to the food pantry on behalf of the ACSC members.

In an effort to continue raising funds for the groomer barn, in these socially challenged times, we are partnering with RADA knives to raise funds for the groomer barn.  The link is on our Facebook page and can be copied and pasted into your web browser from below:

Thank you for your generosity, and we look forward to seeing you on a club ride or via Zoom on a club meeting.  Think snow!!


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