The dog days of summer are here, and they do not disappoint as usual! Dry, dusty trails are the norm unless we get blessed with much-needed rains to fill up those low spots. Continue to do your part and keep track of those in your group, as well as those coming at you. Please respect the lands posted with “NO ORV” signs. These signs are placed at land on our trail system that we have leases and are only snowmobile trails. This includes 131 trail, the power lines by Lakes of the North, as well as land just south of the ACSC clubhouse and east of Larry Sevenski’s Bar. All trails west of 131 are closed to ORV use, including the Jordan Valley. Much of our trail system is on state-owned lands, but ORV use on private sections are jeopardizing snowmobile trail leases.

The August club ride is set, and details are on the calendar page on this site as well as Facebook. We look forward to seeing you there!

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